Laboratory for the analysis, approval and control of PMUC on resins

You wish to carry out approval and PMUC control analyses of your resins

PMUC resins (Products and Materials Used in Electric, Nuclear or Thermal Power Plants) have a potentially corrosive action on steels when they contain halogenated or sulphurous species. It is essential to carry out the approval or control of resins entering the power plant.

In order to be authorised to be placed on the market, these resins must be approved by EDF, after analyses have been carried out in an EDF-approved laboratory for PMUC.

The resins concerned are those that can be used in the power plant during manufacturing, assembly, maintenance or operation operations.

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FILAB supports you in your PMUC control needs

The PMUC control consists of determining the halogen (Fluorine / Fluorides, Chlorine / Chlorides, Bromine / Bromides) and sulphur content of the resins used in the power plant. This was done in compliance with the EDF protocols specific to the product family.

Following an analysis, a report is drawn up and sent to the customer to present the results of the PMUC control on resins to EDF.

our inspection services on PMUC resins approved by edf

  • Control and monitoring analyses of PMUC resins

The PMUC controls performed by FILAB are in accordance with EDF procedure D5713 / DJX / RB 90 0295.

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