HAP powder characterisation

HAP powder characterisation in accordance with standard NF ISO 13779-3 :

  • Measurement of the Ca/P ratio
  • Quantification of heavy metals by ICP-AES / ICP-MS
  • Quantification of trace elements by ICP-AES / ICP-MS
  • Determination of crystallinity by XRD
  • Quantification of crystalline phases by XRD
  • Identification of foreign phases by XRD
  • Measurement of amounts of oxide and nitride by XRD
  • Detection of oxyapatite by FTIR
  • Powder analysis
  • Solubility testing
  • Powder particle size analysis by laser diffraction
  • Characterisation of coatings by SEM-EDX
  • Validation of cleaning processes
  • Determination of TOCs and THCs
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