Substance characterization laboratory for a REACH registration

You want to characterize a substance for a REACH registration...

REACH is a European regulation that requires all manufacturers and importers of chemical substances, including mixtures, with a volume of more than one ton per year, to register these substances with the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency).

Within the context of this regulation, manufacturers are required to precisely characterize the identity of their substances in order to guarantee their compliance with the registration process.

Indeed, a substance must be associated with a chemical name, a number and, for mixtures, a detailed chemical composition (components + dosages). The quality of the data provided will allow to quickly classify these substances in the authorization or restriction lists.

Before a REACH registration, you are looking for a chemical analysis laboratory to characterize a substance.

FILAB laboratory offers you its analytical equipment and the expertise of its engineers to characterize a substance within the framework of REACH

With an analytical park of 2,100m² and a team of experts in chemistry and materials, the FILAB laboratory can assist you in characterizing a substance for REACH registration by offering the following analytical services :

To perform these controls on all types of matrices, FILAB has various analytical means at its disposal:

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