Analysis and characterization of polymers in a laboratory

You need to determine the different components in a unknown or partially known polymer? You are facing difficulties due to polymerization? You need a lab to analyze and help you understand why your polymer doesn’t work as it should?

Because of the wide range of testing equipment available within FILAB, we are able to carry out a full set of polymer tests to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your samples including to characterize trace impurities and measure unknowns.

Polymer characterization

To analyze and characterize your polymers, we use several methods such as:

  • FTIR to identify the nature of a polymer
  • HS-GC to identify the different additives and monomers
  • ICP to identify mineral products 

We can also quantify the impurities in you polymers

On the other hand, we can also help you quantify and characterize any pollution in your products.

To do so, we start with analyzing your products, then we adapt our methods to your needs :

    • SEM/EDX to analyze the particules,
    • HS-GC for organic molecules such as phtalates, plasticizing agents, solvents…
    • ICP/MS for heavy metals
    • DSC for polymerization kinetic study, to optimize the polymerization process and check the catalytic performance of your polymer

For over 20 years, FILAB laboratory has had the experience and the specific analytical fleet to be able to assist industrial companies with analyses and characterization of polymers all while providing tailored support.

The positive aspects of FILAB

  • A highly qualified team

  • Responsiveness in responding to and processing requests

  • A complete analytical park of 2100m²

  • Tailor-made support

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