As a court-appointed expert, an insurance company appraiser, expert advising a State body, a public or private security agency, your work involves dealing with complex situations and carries a great deal of responsibility. To carry out the tasks entrusted to you, you need technical and scientific enlightenment.

You are looking for an independent laboratory whose skills you can rely upon, one with cutting edge technical skills, which will act with rigorous impartiality and guarantee total confidentiality at all times.

FILAB is here to support you :


  • Surface characterisation
  • Ageing studies
  • Defect characterisation
  • Failure analysis (fracture surfaces, adhesion problems, …)
  • Polymer deformulation
  • Weld examination


  • Bibliographic reviews
  • R&D support and project management
  • Production process auditing and optimisation
  • Support in choosing raw materials and finding substitution materials
  • Development of customised characterisation methods
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