Failure analysis

Filab characterises your failure phenomena by scanning electron microscopy with EDX (SEM-EDX) :
  • Fracture surface examination
  • Characterisation of corrosion mechanisms
  • Characterisation of coating thickness defects
  • Characterisation of surface defects and adhesion problems
  • Examination of wear and premature ageing phenomena
  • Chemical compatibility assessment
  • Ageing studies
  • Pollution identification (particle inclusion)
  • Characterisation of surface finish defects
  • Detection of residual pollution (lubricants, soap residues,…)
  • Surface morphology examination (porosity, roughness,…)
  • Examination of polymerisation and cross-linking defects in varnishes, paints, polymers…
  • Microsection characterisation
  • Galvanic coating thickness measurement
  • Weld inspection

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