Tests and analyses for the aeronautics industry

Your needs: to design reliable and efficient aeronautical equipment

As major players or subcontractors in the aeronautics or space industries, the quality and reliability of your materials and equipment are paramount to ensure the security of the goods or the comfort the people being transported.

Studying your materials and aeronautical equipment will allow you to increase the performance of your materials (lifespan, weight, noise output) and to optimize your costs (price of materials, maintenance) all while complying with environmental norms.

These challenges prompt you to seek help from a responsive and reliable laboratory offering high added technical value.  


Our solution : to assist our clients in the aeronautics industry with analyses and with the development of new materials

FILAB is an independent laboratory situated in the French city of Dijon and is made up of a team of 63 people, including doctors and engineers.

FILAB has been approved by SAFRAN for chemical analysis of metal alloys or of mineral products relating to aeronautics.

With an analytical fleet spread over 2100m² and extensive experience in assisting as part of projects in the aeronautics or space industry FILAB can offer the following services :  


  • Chemical analysis : fluids, industrial oils, resins…
  • Material characterization : polymers, composites, metallurgical analysis
  • Metallic alloy inspection
  • Powder analysis
  • Surface analysis and coating thickness measurement
  • Thermal analyses
  • Determination of trace amounts and impurities (heavy metals)
  • Analysis of leachable volatile organic compounds using GC-MS and HS-GCMS
  • Analysis in relation to a regulatory compliance study (AS9100 standard)



  • Accelerated aging tests
  • Identification of unknown pollutants
  • Deformulation/Reverse engineering services
  • Regulatory compliance testing (container/contents interactions, extractable and leachable substances)
  • Failure analysis : fissures, contaminant or particle analysis, adhesive problems, corrosion, metallographic examination, weld analysis…   
  • Analytical training and laboratory audits
  • Assistance in getting cleaning procedures validated 


  • Creation and transfer of new analytical methods  
  • Literature reviews
  • Research into substitutions for carcinogens
  • Development of a new chemical formula or of a new material 


  • Organic analysis : GCMS, Py-GCMS, LC-MSMS, GPC, NMR, FTIR
  • Mineral analysis : ICP, XRD, IC
  • Thermal analysis : TGA, DSC
  • Metallurgical analysis : ICP, FEG-SEM-EDS, SEO
  • Powder analysis : XRD, FEG-SEM-EDS, BET
  • Surface analysis : FEG-SEM-EDS, PES, TOF-SIMS


The Positive Aspects of FILAB :


A highly qualified team

Responsiveness and quick request processing time

COFRAC ISO 17025 accredited laboratory

A complete analytical fleet spread over 2100m²

Tailored support for our customers

SAFRAN approved laboratory








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