Materials characterisation

FILAB characterises your metal materials :
  • Confirmation of metal alloy grades
  • Metallographic cross section
  • Structural revelation
  • Weld inspection
  • Hardness testing
  • Microhardness testing
  • Mechanical tests
  • Microsection characterisation
  • Coating thickness measurement
  • Analysis of surface finishes
  • Detection of materials defects
  • Fracture surface examination
  • Nickel release testing
  • Characterisation of corrosion phenomena
  • Metal alloy substitution
  • Corrosion resistance testing (saline mist)
  • Galvanic coating thickness measurement
  • Chemical analysis of wave solders
  • Precious metal analysis
FILAB characterises your polymer materials :
  • Identification of polymers and copolymers by FTIR
  • Determination of thermal properties by DSC (Tg, Tf,…), physical-chemical properties,…
  • Determination of material condition (amorphous, semicrystalline, crystalline)
  • Crystalline phase studies
  • Identification of additives (slip agents, anti-UV additives, antioxidants, etc…)
  • Determination of mineral fillers
  • Detection and quantification of contaminants (residual solvents, heavy metals, phthalates, bisphenol A, …)
  • Global migration testing
  • Specific migration testing
  • Analysis of container/content interactions
  • Ageing studies
  • Pollution identification (particle inclusion)
  • Deformulation or reverse engineering (additives, aids,…)
  • Determination of polydispersity
  • Determination of the rate of cross-linking
  • Morphology studies (porosity)
  • Characterisation of surface defects and adhesion problems
  • Substitution of catalysts in line with the REACH regulations
  • Kinetics and reaction mechanism studies
  • Production process optimisation (cross-linking)
  • Chemical compatibility and biocompatibility studies
FILAB characterises your ceramics materials :
  • Testing of raw materials (zirconia, yttria-stabilised zirconia, alumina, etc…)
  • Surface characterisation (porosity)
  • Determination of purity
  • Identification of impurities (particles, unknown deposits, ...)
  • Detection and quantification of contaminants (pollution, residues, …)
  • Quantification of trace elements (heavy metals)
  • Trace determination
  • Product conformity assessments
  • HAP powder characterisation in accordance with standard NF ISO 13779-3
  • Determination of the Ca/P ratio by XRD
  • Crystalline phase identification
  • Particle size analysis by laser diffraction
  • Migration testing

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