Microelectronics / Defence / Security

Whether you are a player in the defence and armaments industry, a manufacturer of security devices, producer of electronic components for high tech applications, a subcontractor in the micro-technologies sector, an expert in nanomaterials manufacturing, you constantly have to deal with the strategic issues facing your sector.

Miniaturisation, surface functionalisation, integration of multiple functions in the same chip, raw materials testing, examination of defects and comprehension of production anomalies require cooperation with a reliable, independent laboratory capable of offering high technical value added and guaranteeing total confidentiality.

FILAB is here to support you :


  • Surface characterisation (surface roughness, defects,…)
  • Ageing studies (corrosion phenomena, surface deterioration, …)
  • Defect characterisation
  • Failure analysis (fracture surfaces, adhesion problems, …)
  • Polymer deformulation
  • Weld examination
  • Validation of cleaning processes
  • Training for your staff


  • Bibliographic reviews
  • R&D support and project management
  • Production process auditing and optimisation
  • Support in choosing raw materials and finding substitution materials
  • Development of customised characterisation methods

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