In 2010, FILAB joined a network of 2000 growing companies in the OSEO EXCELLENCE network that became BPI France Excellence in 2013.


The PNB is the competitivity hub dedicated to the civil nuclear sector. Its 160 members are, just like FILAB, involved in the French nuclear sector.

In collaboration with its PNB partners, FILAB provides its competencies for characterising metal alloys as part of the COMCEPT collaborative project.


FILAB is a member of Club Santé Bourgogne (Burgundy Health Club) that brings together industries from the healthcare product sector that are based in the Burgundy region. In this network there are companies that offer products and/or services on the Fine chemistry/Pharmacy/Cosmetics, medical Technologies and paramedical equipment and Lifescience/Biotechnologies markets



FILAB is a member of Eurolab France, an association that represents the French community of COFRAC certified test, calibration and analysis laboratories.


FILAB is a member of Allizé-Plasturgie Bourgogne (Allizé Plastics Processing Burgundy) (Alliance Zone Est Plasturgie (East Zone Plastics Processing Alliance)), an Interregional Plastics Processing Union over a territory that brings together over 40% of French plastics processing companies.


After having been presented with an award from Réseau Entreprendre Bourgogne, FILAB has today become a member of it and supports creators or investors through clear actions in the scope of the principle of reciprocity of the RESEAU ENTREPRENDRE (Entrepreneur’s network).


FILAB is also part of the InnoTech Programme of the Réseau Entreprendre that involves helping technologically innovative entrepreneurs to better transform the potential of their company.


FILAB supports the development of company creation projects from university students.

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