Method transfer in laboratory

You want to transfer a method to your laboratory?

What is a method transfer?

Simply put, method transfer is the process of exporting a method previously developed in an independent laboratory to your devices.

In reality, method transfer is a slightly more complex process.

The method is first developed on defined instruments and then optimized on these same machines. However, not all devices react in the same way depending on the brand, model, etc… Similarly, not all operators handle in the same way which can lead to disparities in the results.

Why perform a method transfer?

The method transfer allows you to export the method initially developed and to adapt it to your laboratory and its environment. In addition, your team is then trained by our experts to carry out the transferred analysis.

Thus, the method transfer allows you to gain independence. Indeed, the transferred methods can be carried out directly in your laboratories with your equipment and teams.

Thus, the support of a laboratory specialized in the development, the validation and the transfer of method, is a considerable asset in the realization of your project.

FILAB supports you in your analytical transfer needs

Our specialized doctors and engineers are dedicated to your case from start to finish and are available at all times to answer your questions. We guarantee the quality and reliability of our results and offer you lasting solutions.

Enfin, le laboratoire FILAB est agréé Organisme de Formation (CIR) et organisme de formation. 

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