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How does FILAB support you in the analysis and characterization of your polymers?

Polymers include, among others, thermoplastic or thermosetting materials (PE, PP, PET, PVC, PTFE,) composite materials, or polymer-based formulations (paints, glue, resin, varnish…). They are used in many industries for their lightness, flexibility or insulating properties.

Here are some examples of polymer families that can be handled in the FILAB laboratory: 

  • PP Analysis

  • Analysis PVC

  • Copolymer analysis

  • Resin analysis

  • Packaging analysis

  • PE analysis

  • Elastomer analysis

  • Rubber analysis

  • Composite analysis

  • Silicone analysis


The FILAB laboratory can assist you in the analysis and characterization of your polymers through a tailor-made support

With a strong experience in polymer analysis and a large analytical park, FILAB offers you the following services

Chemical composition:

  • Determination of chemical substances at risk: additives, anti-oxidants, bisphenol A, heavy metals, redisual solvents, nitrosamines, plasticizers... 

  • Determination of the mineral load

  • Soxhlet extraction

  • Chemical analysis by GC-MS, Py-GCMS, LCMSMS, CI...

  • Determination of molecular weight by GPC

  • Deformation of polymers

Physical and thermal characterization:

  • Characterization of polymers by FTIR, DSC, ATG, ATG-FTIR, GPC, NMR, SEM...

  • Study of crystalline phases by DSC

  • Determination of the polydispersity

  • Study of morphology (porosity)

  • Performance optimization

  • Study of thermal properties by DSC, ATG, ATG-FTIR

  • Analysis of plastic powders or granules

  • Determination of the cross-linking rate

  • Calorimetric analysis

Problem solving

  • Search for impurities: heavy metals, redisual solvents, degradation products, contaminations...

  • Characterization of surface defects and adhesion problems

  • Analysis of ruptures or cracks

  • Identification of pollution (inclusion of particles)

  • Study of thermal degradation

Compatibility study

  • Plastic packaging analysis

  • Global migration test

  • Compatibility study between materials and fluids

  • Chemical characterization of polymer-based medical devices according to ISO 10993-18

Our analytical park dedicated to the analysis of polymers :

  • Chemical analysis of the organic fraction: FTIR GCMS, LC-MSMS, LC-QTOF, GPC, NMR

  • Thermal analysis: ATG, DSC, Pyrolysis-GCMS, ATG/FTIR

  • Chemical analysis of mineral fraction: ICP, DRX, CI, SEM-EDX

  • Surface analysis: SEM-FEG EDX, XPS, TOF-SIMS

The positive aspects of FILAB

  • A highly qualified team

  • Responsiveness in responding to and processing requests

  • A complete analytical park of 2100m²

  • Tailor-made support

Thomas GAUTIER Head of Materials Expertise Department
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