Laboratory analysis of defects specific to polymer-based materials

Are you struggling with the appearance of a defect in your polymer-based material and wish to determine the cause ?

Whether it be due to a manufacturing problem, non-compliant raw materials or following feedback from a client, a defect in a polymer-based material will result in the product deteriorating, impacting its reliability, solidity and its overall performance.

A defect can materialize in different ways : ruptures, visual defects, discolorations, a deformity, the presence of a pollutant, premature aging… All these scenarios call for the polymer to be expertly analyzed to determine to root cause of the problem. 

How FILAB can assist you in analyzing polymers…

After carrying out preliminary testing with the aim of collecting all the necessary data to better understand the defect, FILAB will be able to offer its specific expertise to identify the nature of the defect and diagnose its point of origin.

  • Surface defect characterization using SEM FEG EDX : adhesive problems, residual pollutant identification, surface treatment defects
  • Study of polymerization defects or of problems linked to the curing of varnish or paint…
  • Study of container/contents interactions
  • Characterization of a physical degradation : discoloration, morphological problem, deformity…

…and even help implement sustainable solutions.

Going past analyses, we are looking to turn your analytical results into sustainable solutions by putting corrective (preventative or remedial) measures into place.

  • Onsite audits
  • Implementation of new analytical methods
  • Analytical training for your teams
  • Support in choosing the right materials for your activities

How to contact us

We process requests within 2 to 4 hours of reception and can provide analytical timeframes adapted to the urgency of your request.

For any and all requests, feel free to contact us via email at or over the phone by calling +33 (0)3 80 52 32 05

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