Py-GC-MS (Pyrolysis GC-MS) analysis in a laboratory

Your needs: to characterize your materials using Py-GC-MS

What do we mean by Py-GC-MS analysis?

Py-GC-MS is a pyrolysis technique (Py) followed by gas chromatography (GC) coupled with mass spectrometry (MS).

This analytical technique is based on the degradation of materials when subjected to high heat, polymers, copolymers and composite materials in particular, which for various reasons cannot be analyzed simply by GC-MS.

Py-GC-MS is very versatile and easy to use as it does not require complex sample preparation.

The physicochemical characterization of a polymer-based material can be done using Py-GC-MS and some other thermal analysis techniques such as TGA, TGA-FTIR or DSC.

Our solution: to provide you with our skills relating to Pyrolysis-GC-MS with tailored assistance in interpreting your results

Our Py-GC-MS analysis services

For over 30 years, our laboratory has had the experience and specific analytical fleet needed to assist various companies with Py-GC-MS analysis of polymer-based or composite materials while providing tailored support.

From analysis to R&D, FILAB laboratory is able table to provide multisectoral expertise to fulfil various requests relating to thermal analysis:

Why chose FILAB for you Py-GC-MS analysis?

As an independent laboratory, with a team made up of experienced doctors and engineers, FILAB guarantees the reliability of its results, ensures a quick turnaround for requests and provides tailored support for its clients.

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