DSC calorimetric analyses in a laboratory

Your needs : to analyze your substance/material using DSC calorimetric analysis

What is DSC calorimetric analysis ?

DSC, standing for Differential Scanning Calorimetry, is a thermal analysis technique measuring the differences between the heat exchanges between a test sample and a control (a reference).

DSC analysis is used to determine phase transitions of a material :

  • Glass transition temperatures (Tg) of polymers, metallic glass and ionic liquids.

  • Melting temperature and crystallization temperature  of different materials

DSC analysis can also be used to determine the curing rate of certain polymers by measuring reaction enthalpies.

DSC calorimetric analyses are carried out in an inert environment (Argon or Nitrogen gas) to avoid any unwanted reactions between the material and its environment inside the DSC furnace.

Our solution : to provide you with our skills relating to calorimetric analyses and to provide tailored support right up to the interpretation of your results

Thanks to an analytical fleet spread over 2100m², FILAB laboratory has extensive experience and the technical facilities needed to assist industrial companies with calorimetric analysis of their materials (polymers, composites…) using DSC, all with tailored support.

FILAB laboratory provides its multidisciplinary skills up to the interpretation of your results or the implementation of R&D projects to fulfil various requests relating to thermal analyses :

FILAB guarantees a quick processing time for requests relating to DSC analysis, with reliable and clear results as well as tailored support for clients.

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