Laboratory of physicochemical analysis

Your needs : to inspect the performance of your products and ensure that they comply with changes in regulations

In all fields of activity, companies are subjected to stringent and everchanging regulatory constraints. Physicochemical analysis will allow you to study the characteristics of your substances or materials to verify their level of performance and that they comply with standards before they can be put on the market.

Physicochemical analysis call for specific protocols and analytical tools and will make it possible to understand the intrinsic properties of the various components of a product. FILAB laboratory is able to provide support for industrial companies by performing physicochemical analysis on their materials or chemical substances.

Our solution : to provide you with various technical means allowing you to study the physicochemical properties of all kinds of substances

Why can FILAB help you with your physicochemical analysis?

For over 30 years, FILAB laboratory has been assisting industrialists from all fields in analyzing their various products. Thanks to having dual expertise in chemistry and materials science, FILAB is able to provide a wide range of physicochemical analysis services, such as :

How can FILAB help you with your physicochemical analysis?

To achieve this, FILAB has built up a diverse and cutting-edge analytical fleet, making it possible for us to perform all kinds of physicochemical analysis (organic and inorganic matrices) :

The physicochemical analysis conducted in our laboratory are based on cutting-edge equipments.These testing equipments enable us to precisely identify the physicochemical characteristics of samples from chemistry to materials. Our technicians and chemists team use one or more methods to identify molecules and their purity during physicochemical tests, even when samples are composed of several components.


The use of a physical/chemical analysis laboratory is essential for any organization that needs to understand the composition of its products. A physical-chemical laboratory can provide a complete overview of the chemical and physical properties of the product, allowing the organization to make more informed decisions. This type of laboratory testing can be used in many processes, such as quality control, research and development, safety compliance and more. In addition, access to accurate compositional data allows you to develop new formulations while ensuring safe use. With professional analysis from an experienced physical-chemical analysis laboratory, organizations can get reliable results that help them make smart choices about their products.

We use a variety of methods to analyze your sample, including gas chromatography (GC), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and spectroscopic techniques. Our experienced analytical chemists can also provide customized testing to customer specifications. We are committed to providing accurate results that meet the highest quality standards. 

If you need reliable physicochemical analysis for your products, look no further than Filab.

A physicochemical analysis laboratory is where chemists and other scientists carry out research, experiments and chemical analysis to determine the physical characteristics and composition of various substances. These laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge instruments and equipment to measure, analyze and manipulate chemicals. The staff of these laboratories includes qualified technicians and experienced chemists who use their expertise to interpret the results of physicochemical tests carried out on samples obtained from clinical or environmental sources. Chemical analysis laboratories can provide testing services for industrial, medical or environmental fields of application, such as drug potency testing...

Companies often outsource physicochemical analysis services to save time and money, as well as to guarantee the accuracy of results. By outsourcing these physicochemical testing services, companies gain access to specialized equipment, expertise and personnel that they may not have internally. Thanks to all these material and human resources, the physicochemical analysis laboratories are able to analyze samples quickly and accurately, while complying with strict regulations and standards. In addition, outsourcing enables a company to concentrate on its core business, and reduces the need to maintain a complex laboratory infrastructure. Finally, it can save money by avoiding costly investment in training and maintenance of personnel or equipment.

Our laboratory can conduct a wide range of physicochemical tests for a variety of fields of application, including raw materials testing, materials characterization, drug potency testing and cosmetics analysis.

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