Scanning electron microscopy SEM-EDX in an analytical laboratory

What exactly is Scanning electron microscopy ?

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM-EDX) is an analytical technique which uses a Field Emission Gun (FEG) and produces high resolution images of a sample’s surface (1 000 000x zoom)

This new SEM-EDX with  column signal detection 20 times more powerful than a conventional Scanning Electron Microscope allows FILAB to carry out analyses with high added value and to get much clearer images for fast, non-destructive and accurate observations and investigations.

The FILAB analytical laboratory is today one of the first French laboratories to own a Zeiss GEMINI SEM microscope. This analytical tool is particularly powerful and efficient for rapidly diagnosing pollutants or for performing more complex expertise.

Discover examples of possible applications for a SEM-EDX microscope, specific to your field :

  • Fine chemistry / surface treatment
  • Luxury goods (Jewelry, Horology, Leathercraft…)
  • Cosmetics / pharmaceuticals / medical devices
  • Automobiles / aeronautics
  • Metallurgy / Nuclear energy

Take advantage of FILAB’s services and of the performance of a latest generation SEM-EDX-FEG :

  • An in-lens detector for high resolution pictures down to roughly 1nm with acceleration voltage of approximately 1kV.
  • A variable pressure mode (VP) for insulating samples to perform  non-destructive analysis on all types of materials (without metallization)
  • A transfer airlock which allows “large” samples to be rapidly and cleanly inserted
  • An 80mm² Energy-dispersive X-ray probe for performing semi-quantitative chemical analyses and  mapping even on lighter elements 

The positive aspects of FILAB

  • Technical expertise and extensive experience in many sectors of industry
  • Direct contact with one of our experts
  • Fast turnaround (24h priority service available)
  • Possibility to attend the analysis process
  • Competitive pricing
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