Identification of the nature of a polymer

Vous cherchez à identifier la nature chimique d'un polymère inconnu ?

Polymers constitute a very large and diversified class of materials. They include, among others, thermoplastic or thermosetting materials (PE, PP, PET, PVC, PTFE…), composite materials, or polymer-based formulations (paints, glue, resin, varnish…).

The properties of polymers depend in particular : 

– Identification of the chemical nature of its monomers

– Identification of its degree of polymerization

– Identification of the chemical nature and quantity of the ingredients (additives, fillers,…) which compose the formulation

In the context of a process change, the development of a new product, or for regulatory purposes, you need to identify the chemical nature of a polymer… 

FILAB: services dedicated to polymer identification

Thanks to its state-of-the-art analytical equipment, the FILAB laboratory can assist you in the characterization and identification of a polymer: 

  • Identification of a polymer family by FTIR

  • Identification of crystalline phases by XRD

  • Identification of the presence of residual solvents by Pyrolysis-GCMS

  • Molecular weight analysis by GPC

  • Measurement of the percentage of load by ATG

  • Identification of mineral fillers by ICP

  • Determination of additives by LC-QTOF

The FILAB laboratory can also assist you in more advanced deformation of polymers or polymeric matrices. 

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