Rupture analysis : fractography expertise here at FILAB

Failure analysis is currently one of FILAB’s main activities. These analysis require the implementation of a methodical process in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

Among the defects our experts study daily, rupture analysis of metallic parts is a service that our clients regularly request.

If gathering available information on a rupture is considered “useful” (nature, material certificate, assembly information…), then the identification and analysis of the appearance conditions of the rupture are crucial : as an isolated incident or not, appearing during the production process or once the product has been put on the market… The more precise the gathered data is, the more efficient the interpretation of the analysis results will be and the more relevant the conclusions will be as to the origin of the rupture.

Characterization and analysis of ruptures usually starts with a visual examination of the part by an expert in order to get a general idea of the geometry of the part and also the morphology of the area where the rupture occurred (shape, symmetry or asymmetry of the degradation…).

These first analysis are then followed up with a more specific and in-depth fractographical examination of the rupture during which all observed defects leading to the mechanical failure of the part are recorded. This fractography expertise makes it possible to localize the onset of failure, to identify the type of rupture (ductile or brittle in the presence or absence of a deformation respectively, static or dynamic fatigue…) but also to highlight the presence of defects in the material or external stresses that could be the cause of the failure.

These analytical examinations are carried out using a scanning electron microscope coupled to an EDX microprobe, a true cutting-edge tool requiring specific know-how from our experts to be properly implemented and interpreted. The analysis can be followed up with micrographic or microscopic examinations, with strength testing or with various mechanical tests (traction, resilience…) to fine tune the diagnosis and to make any conclusions more relevant to the observed phenomenon.

With significant experience in implementing these fractographical examinations, FILAB can assist you in understanding your defects and in finding solutions for your rupture problems.

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