Laboratory of fractographic expertise on metal parts

What is a fractographic expertise?

A part rupture can have important consequences on a production or on the installation in which it is located. In this context, the fractographic expertise allows to understand and determine the causes of a rupture. Indeed, these can be multiple: 

  • Violent shock (brittle fracture)
  • Mechanical deformation of a part (Ductile fracture)
  • Cyclic stress of a part (Fatigue failure)
  • Hydrogen fracture
  • A raw material that does not conform to the expected grade
  • Environment not adequate to the material used
  • Corrosion problems

The fractographic expertise allows to locate the beginning of the rupture, to identify the mode of rupture and to highlight the possible presence of health defects of the material or external constraints which can be at the origin of the rupture.

How to carry out a fractographic expertise?

These expert fractographic examinations are carried out by Scanning Electron Microscopy coupled with an EDX microprobe, a truly advanced tool requiring specific know-how in its implementation and, above all, in its interpretation by our experts. 

The fractographic examination can be completed by micrographic observations in optical microscopy, hardness measurements, mechanical tests (traction, resilience, …) in order to refine the diagnosis and increase the relevance of the conclusions on the fracture phenomenon.

Fractographic analysis: a specific expertise of the FILAB laboratory

FILAB has significant experience in the implementation of fractographic expertise and can help you understand and solve your fracture problems. FILAB provides its complete analytical equipment and the expertise of its engineers to answer your fracture problems on metal parts:

  • Fractographic examination by MO and SEM-EDX
  • Material grade control by ICP and elemental analyzers 
  • Surface and extreme surface analysis in the fracture zones to search for traces of corrosion or foreign material. 
  • Study of a surface treatment (homogeneity, thickness)
    Hardness measurement

Example of applications

Rupture fragile MEB
rupture ductile MEB

Fragile break

Ductile fracture

Hydrogen Fragilization

Presence of corrosion

The positive aspects of FILAB

  • A highly qualified team

  • Responsiveness in responding to and processing requests

  • A complete analytical park of 2100m²

  • Tailor-made support

Thomas GAUTIER Head of Materials Department
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