Fractographic analysis laboratory

Fractographic analysis: what is it?

The fractographic analysis allows to locate a fracture initiation, to identify the mode of fracture and to highlight the presence of health defects of the material which could be at the origin of the fracture.

These fractographic analysis examinations are carried out by Scanning Electron Microscopy coupled with an EDX microprobe. They can be completed by micrographic observations in optical microscopy, hardness measurements, mechanical tests (traction, resilience, …) in order to refine the diagnosis and to increase the relevance of the conclusions on the fracture phenomenon.

FILAB has significant experience in the implementation of fractographic expertise and can assist you in understanding and resolving your fracture problems through fractographic analysis.

Fractographic analysis: a specific expertise of the FILAB laboratory

Within the framework of failure analysis, the FILAB laboratory provides its complete analytical equipment and the expertise of its engineers to answer your problem of failure on metal parts:

  • Fractographic examination by MO and SEM-EDX
  • Expertise of crack, rupture or corrosion failures
  • Material control by ICP and elemental analyzers on all types of alloys
  • Surface analysis and thickness measurement of fracture zones

Why choose the FILAB laboratory for your fractographic analyses?

Thomas Rousseau, PhD student in Mechanics and director of the FILAB laboratory, and Thomas Gautier, head of the Materials Expertise Department, are available to assist you with the fractographic analysis of your metal parts. The FILAB laboratory puts its knowledge and expertise at your disposal to carry out audits on your production sites in order to understand the problems you encounter. We offer tailor-made support according to your needs for fractographic analysis following the breakage of a metal part in order to provide you with concrete and lasting solutions.

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