Analysis of fissures in metallic materials in a laboratory

Your needs: to characterize the origin of a fissure found in your industrial metallic materials or products

A fissure, in an industrial context, is the appearance of a brutal discontinuity in a material due to the effects of external constraints. The material is then split into parts leading to a product losing strength and reliability. A fissure’s characteristics, usually length, depth and apparition speed, will be used as indicators to determine the origin of the fissure.

Fissures can appear on a wide variety of materials such as metals, polymers and composites. These phenomena are directly linked to the resistance of materials and can lead to manufacturing defects. It is therefore important to anticipate these phenomena by choosing the right material basted on its life cycle and data from in-depth testing during the production process.

Support from a service providing laboratory will allow you to ensure that your parts comply with standards, are safe over a long period of time and to adapt your manufacturing processes to reduce the risk of fissures appearing.

Our solution: to date the fissure by performing a laboratory expertise

FILAB laboratory, relying on its extensive experience in dealing with industrial defects, can provide analysis and characterization techniques for examining fissures and ruptures. Using cutting-edge techniques such as Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM FEG EDX) followed up with examinations under an optical microscope. Our team also carries out fractographical expertise services to identify the apparition conditions of different fissures (as an isolated incident or not, appearing during the manufacturing process or once the product has been put on the market…) and to highlight any other defects.

Thanks to the skills of our team, the fact that our technical facilities complement each other and our adaptability and reactivity, FILAB laboratory helps with your multidisciplinary industrial challenges surrounding fissures and ruptures as well as providing high level technical support.

Thomas GAUTIER Head of Materials Department
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