Viscosity index measurement on polymer

You wish to perform viscosity index measurements on your polymers...

The viscosity of diluted polymer solutions is measured with a viscometer. First, the viscosity (flow time) of the pure solvent is measured. The polymer is then dissolved in this solvent until the expected concentration is obtained. The viscosity of the diluted solution is then measured.

ISO 1628-1 defines the general requirements for determining the reduced viscosity, intrinsic viscosity and K-value of organic polymers in dilute solution.

ISO 307 specifies a method for the determination of the viscosity index of dilute solutions of polyamides in certain specified solvents.

FILAB laboratory can assist you in performing viscosity index measurements on your polymers

With its laboratory dedicated to the chemical, physical and thermal analysis of polymers, FILAB assists industrialists in the study of their polymer materials, and more particularly in the measurement of the viscosity index:

  • Determination of the hot and cold viscosity index
  • Example of studied matrices : PET, PP, ink, resin, HDPE, glue… 
Thomas GAUTIER Head of Materials Department
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