Laboratory analysis and determination of Bisphenol A contents

Bisphenol A is obtained by reacting phenol with acetone and is exclusively manmade. Due to its endocrine disrupting properties, Bisphenol A (BPA) has been recognized for a few years in Europe as a concerning substance and is banned in France. To better understand the regulations surrounding BPA please read our article on this subject.

Formule Bisphénol A

Your need to determine the Bisphenol A contents of your products in the face of increasing stringencies...

Since 2015, limitations and regulations surrounding BPS’s usage in everyday products have been getting more stringent. In 2017, the ECHA classed BPA as an “extremely concerning substance” on a European level.

In France you are required to prove that your finished products do not contain this substance. This is especially true if in the interest of ecology and respect for the environment, you are now using RPET plastics which are likely to contain BPA.  

How does FILAB laboratory detect the presence of Bisphenol A in your samples ?

FILAB laboratory has put in place specific techniques for quantitively analyzing and determining Bisphenol A in different type of materials with various industrial applications : polymers, composites, packaging materials…

These services complement our other analytical services linked to research into concerning substances in packaging materials such as :

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