Polymer analysis for the cosmetic industry

Polymers are now an integral part of many cosmetic formulations. Whether they are of natural origin (rubber, cellulose, starch, leather, silk, wool, etc.) or synthetic (PEG, PVOH, Acrylate/Acrylamide copolymer, etc.), polymers provide cosmetics with new properties by fulfilling functions such as film-forming agents, thickeners, emulsifiers, emollients, and many others, for example in shampoos, creams, and hygiene or protection products.

In order to better control your raw materials and finished products, and to ensure consumer safety, FILAB is positioned as an ally in this field thanks to its technical experts and its associated analytical park in polymer characterization.

FILAB’s polymer characterization techniques include the following: DSC, ATG, ATG-FTIR, GPC, Pyrolysis-GCMS, GCMS, NMR, SEM-FEG-EDX, FTIR...

Discover examples of polymer analysis applications for the cosmetics sector: 

examples of applications

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