Laboratory analysis by FTIR microscopy (µ-FTIR)

What is FTIR-Microscopy?

Conventional FTIR spectroscopy is used to obtain spectra, the spikes of which represent the organic bonds in the sample. Over a range of wavenumbers, from 4000 to 400cm-1, each sample therefore produce a unique spectrum. As a result, it is possible to identify an unknown material or, in more complex cases, a mixture of materials with the use of a spectral library

This type of conventional spectroscopy is mainly performed usign macroscopic samples, with dimensions greater than a millimeter.

What about particulates ?

But what about samples such as particulates/contaminants with dimensions less then 1mm ? Analysis of particulates and contaminants is a regular endeavor in certain fields of industry such as in pharmaceuticals, healthcare and cosmetics.

To achieve this, FILAB has acquired an Infrared Microscope. This machine can identify materials and particulates down to a size of 5µm ! The Bruker LUMOS II is equipped with an FPA detector making it possible to generate 900 spectra in only a few seconds…

This machine has other advantages: it is possible to carry out chemical cartography and even quantifications.

Particulate analysis by µ-FTIR : one of FILAB’s many skills

Using well suited analytical techniques such as Infrared Microscopy, FILAB is able to analyze, count, detect and identify minute particulate contaminants in various matrices (organic, inorganic and metallic)

Other than the technical aspect, the regulatory and normative aspects also make up an important notion when it comes to ensuring the reliability of the analysis being carried out, namely in terms of the particulate count, with the use of well-known methods. FILAB is at your disposal to test the feasibility of methods for identifying and/or evaluating particulates.


As an independent laboratory with a team made up of highly qualified personnel, FILAB guarantees the reliability of its results, a quick turnaround for requests and tailored support for clients.

Thomas ROUSSEAU Scientific and Technical Director
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