Thermal analysis on polymers

How to better monitor and analyze the thermal characteristics of your polymers?

Thermal analysis of a polymer makes it possible to characterize its behavior when subjected to thermal constraints (high heat).

This step is used to be able to anticipate the performance or potential degradation of a polymer in specific thermal conditions throughout its lifecycle (from creation to its final use).

How can FILAB assist you with your need to carry out thermal analysis on your polymers?

For over 30 years, FILAB laboratory has had the experience and specific analytical fleet needed to be able to fulfil requests for thermal analysis for many industrial clients. Polymers and composites alike, FILAB is able to support companies in characterizing their materials through reliable and personalized thermal analysis and by helping interpret their results.

FILAB uses various thermal analysis techniques, making it possible to highlight the physicochemical specificities of a polymer depending on outside temperature:

And to go even further?

Going past thermal analysis, FILAB is able to fulfil a wide range of requests regarding polymers, such as :

Reverse engineering

Quality control

Failure characterization

– Stability testing

– And more… 

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