Bioplastics analysis laboratory

Bioplastics include a wide range of bio-based, biodegradable/compostable materials and products, or both. Biodegradable bioplastics are used, for example, in the manufacture of packaging articles, bags, containers or beverage bottles. 

To help you understand their behavior, FILAB offers state-of-the-art chemical analysis and thermal characterization of bioplastics, such as 

  • Identification of the chemical nature of bioplastics by FTIR
  • Determination of thermal characteristics of bioplastics by DSC, ATG, ATG/IRTF, … 
  • Determination of the state of the bioplastic (amorphous, semi-crystalline, crystalline)
  • Identification of additives (slip agents, anti UV, antioxidants, etc…) by GCMS
  • Determination of the mineral load present in the bioplastic material
  • Search and quantification of contaminants (residual solvents, heavy metals, phthalate, bisphenol A, …)
  • Global migration test between the bioplastic and its content
  • Determination of the cross-linking rate of the bioplastic
  • Study of morphology (porosity)
  • Characterization of surface defects and adhesion problems
Thomas GAUTIER Head of Materials Department
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