Polypropylene (PP) Materials Analysis Laboratory

Your needs: validate the quality and performance of your polypropylene materials

Polypropylene (PP) is a hard, rigid plastic produced in a wide variety of molecular weights and crystallineities. It is obtained by polymerization of propylene. It is mainly used for the manufacture of food packaging, technical parts for the automotive industry, microwave oven dishes, carpets…

Chemical analysis and characterization of polypropylenes is an essential step in controlling their processing and predicting possible failures. It allows to : 

  • Determine the chemical composition of a polypropylene
  • Carry out a physico-chemical and thermal characterization of polypropylene material: density, molecular weight, thermal analysis, calorimetric analysis of polypropylene, etc.
  • Identify the nature of a polypropylene and its additives
  • Determine its mineral load (chalk, talc, etc.)
  • Characterize a failure (adhesion defect, delamination, inclusion…)
  • To check the conformity of the finished product

Whether you are a plastics manufacturer, a raw material producer, a processor or a finished product manufacturer, you are looking for the skills of a reliable analysis laboratory with high technical added value for the analysis and characterization of your polypropylene materials.

Our solutions: support you in the analysis and characterization of your polyethylenes.

By combining specific polypropylene analysis tools with reliable and accurate scientific interpretations, FILAB laboratory assists manufacturers in optimizing their manufacturing processes, in the search for substitute materials and in solving failure problems on polypropylene materials.

With a strong experience in polypropylene analysis and a large analytical park, FILAB offers the following services 

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