Laboratory analysis of industrial packaging

Your needs : to verify that your packaging meets relevant standards and is compatible with the products it is designed to contain

Industrial packaging is designed to preserve, protect and conserve its contents. Packaging is essential for prolonging the lifespan of a product but is also a way of distinguishing different brands of the same type of product.

Industrial packaging can be made using different materials : cardboard, plastic, ceramic, glass, silicone…

Why analyze or inspect packaging ?

As part of strict environmental, regulatory, technical and marketing constraints, industrial manufacturers are confronted with important issues regarding the conformity of their packaging when putting a new product on the market.

In the food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical sectors, companies are required to ensure the safety and quality of their packaging, in order to avoid the risk of migrations or the oxidation of their packaging. The support of an analytical laboratory can provide viable results in order to evaluate the conformity and performance of packaging, according to the criteria of a scope statement and regulatory standards.

Our solution : to provide reliable analytical techniques in order to characterize a defect or migration phenomenon occurring in your packaging

FILAB laboratory provides the expertise of its doctors and engineers as well as its cutting-edge analytical fleet to be able to provide tailored assistance to verify that your packaging complies with standards.

FILAB provides multiple services :

1.       Studying the performance of your packaging

Material characterization and determination of their properties

Accelerated aging tests

– Analysis and determination of the chemical composition of different materials

Assistance in choosing materials

2.         Defect characterization of your packaging

Analysis of a deposit or of a pollutant

– Characterization of container/contents interactions

– Studies of migration phenomena

E&L analysis

To be able to provide reliable analysis and interpretations, FILAB has a complete analytical fleet adapted to all kinds of packaging materials. Worth mentioning are GC-MS and LC-MS/MS, used for research, as well as ICP (AES and MS), used to identify and quantify organic pollutants and even SEM-EDX which is a truly versatile diagnostics tool.

Promising high responsiveness and tailored support to fulfil your requests, FILAB can assist you with the implementation of your projects.

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