Laboratory analysis of PEEK polymers

Your needs : to verify that the performances of your PEEK polymers comply with relevant standards using cutting edge techniques

The use of plastics has become increasingly widespread in industrial fields. Among them, polyether ether ketones (or PEEKs) are high performance materials, chosen for their thermal stability and chemical resistance.

PEEKs are used in many industrial applications such as aeronautics, medical devices, energy production… 

Our solution : to provide reliable and responsive analysis services as part of the inspection of PEEK materials

With extensive experience in material analysis and characterization, FILAB laboratory can assist you in understanding the behavior of your PEEK substances and in finding appropriate solutions in the event of a failure.

Thanks to an analytical fleet spread over 2100 m², FILAB laboratory offers several analytical services for PEEK substances :

Determination of the nature of polymers using GC-MS, FTIR, TGA or DSC

Deformulation/Reverse engineering of polymers

Determination of additives in PEEK products

Failure analysis of PEEK products

Conformity inspection as part of REACH analysis

Thermal and thermogravimetric analysis

Development of analysis procedures.

As an independent laboratory located in Dijon, with our team of 100 people, ensure efficient results and quick turnaround for your requests.

Thomas GAUTIER Head of Materials Department
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