Surface degradation analysis

Your need : you wish to analyze a surface degradation of your material

First of all, what is a surface of a material? The surface of a material is a vulnerable zone where many interactions with its environment take place. It conditions, by its specific characteristics, the global performances of materials. It can impact the reliability and the solidity of a product in case of failures (corrosion, wear, adhesion, friction…).

Indeed, the surface of any material can be confronted with numerous aggressions which emanate from the physicochemical constraints of the environment. Any material surface is thus likely to be degraded by various factors that it is important to identify.

Among the most common wear and tear, we can find the following 

  • rolling ;
  • corrosion; and
  • Adhesion ;
  • abrasion (seizure);
  • pollution or impurity

In addition, they may be due to the nature of the materials in contact and the operating conditions (pressure, temperature, lubrication, corrosive environment, etc.).

FILAB laboratory assists you in the analysis of surface degradation

For more than 30 years, FILAB has had the experience and specific analytical equipment to meet the needs of surface analysis and characterization on all types of materials (metallic, polymer, ceramic). Thanks to a tailor-made support, FILAB laboratory analyzes your industrial problems and advises you until the interpretation of the results.

Whether you are in the medical device, pharmaceutical or metallurgy industry, FILAB laboratory offers surface degradation expertise: 

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The positive aspects of FILAB

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  • A complete analytical park of 2100m²

  • Tailor-made support

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