Laboratory analysis of phenol (CAS 108-95-2)

What is phenol and how is it used in the industry?

Phenols are aromatic chemical compounds with a hydroxyl function. Its derivatives are called polyphenols. We can also find them naturally in plants.

Under normal conditions of temperature and pressure, phenol is a solid that appears as a crystalline mass or colorless needles. In the presence of impurities, water or light, phenol turns pink or red.

Phenol is mainly used as an intermediate in organic and industrial chemistry:

Production of complex compounds (phenolic resins, bisphenol A, etc…) ;
Plastics industry
For the manufacture of plasticizers, adhesives, hardeners, solvents, insulators…

Because of its toxicity and corrosive properties, serious preventive measures are required when storing and using phenol. 

FILAB supports you in the analysis of phenol and its derivatives

 FILAB laboratory has set up specific methods for the determination of phenol by HPLC-UV.

With significant experience in the implementation of these techniques, FILAB laboratory accompanies you in your needs for the research and qualification of phenol in your matrices. 

Determination of phenol by HPLC-UV
Determination of bisphenol A, F and S
Determination of Terbutyl phenol 
Determination of 4-nonyphenol
Dichlorophenol determination

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