Laboratory analysis of corrosion precursors

You wish to analyze the precursors of corrosion of your materials?

The corrosion precursor elements are halogens located in the 17th column of the periodic table, i.e. fluorine, chlorine and bromine.

These corrosion precursors, sometimes regulated according to the field of application, are analyzed by Ion Chromatography (IC or LC)

What is an Ion Chromatography analysis?

Ion Chromatography allows the analysis and determination of corrosion precursors such as chlorides, bromides and fluorides.

Composed of an ion exchange resin, its principle is simple. Indeed, the positively charged resin in the case of the analysis of the precursor elements of corrosion, allows a separation of these elements then their quantification.

In what context should corrosion precursors be analyzed?

Depending on the problems you encounter (product development, conformity control, installation in nuclear power plant, corrosion problem…), it may be necessary to carry out an analysis of corrosion precursors. This analysis can be applied to several fields such as aeronautics, metallurgy but also to cosmetics and automotive industry.

FILAB supports you in the detection and analysis of corrosion precursors in the core or surface of your materials

Following a regulatory context or when checking the conformity of your products, FILAB laboratory is able to deliver accurate, fast and reliable results.

FILAB offers a number of services to assist you with your corrosion precursor analysis needs, including

The positive aspects of FILAB

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  • A complete analytical park of 2100m²

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