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Polymer rheology by the FILAB laboratory

You wish to characterize the physicochemical flow properties of your materials by rheological analysis

Polymer rheology is the study of the deformation and flow of materials under the effect of a stress and a temperature. Thus, depending on the nature of materials (polymers, powders, oils, resins, paints …) and their properties, the reactions with their environment can be infinite. It is therefore essential for manufacturers to analyze the ability of the material to flow in order to exploit it in the best way in the production process.

Indeed, understanding the rheology of polymers is important for the development and manufacture of many products, such as plastics, rubbers, adhesives, coatings and composite materials. It is also important in fields such as medicine, where the rheological properties of polymers play a key role in the development of materials for implants and medical devices.

FILAB laboratory performs rheological analysis of your materials

As an industrialist, you want to find a texture, evaluate the performance of your product, and analyze its flow capacity (implementation). The FILAB laboratory can assist you and perform rheological analysis of your raw materials and finished products.

For more than 30 years, our FILAB laboratory has had the experience and specific analytical equipment to support industrial companies in rheological analysis and viscosity measurement.

Our technical resources

  • Rheometer

  • Planar rheometer

our services

  • Rheological study of a hydrogel

  • Characterization on magneto-rheological oil

  • Search for nanoparticles in powders

  • Rheological analysis on powder

  • Determination of the viscosity index of a PET

  • Viscosity and density measurement

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