Morphological defect analysis laboratory

Do you want to perform a morphological defect analysis of your materials?

Morphological analysis of a material is a qualitative evaluation of the three-dimensional shape of a surface. Morphological defect analysis of materials is essential for manufacturers to control their manufacturing process and avoid any failure of their products.

Morphological defect analysis is performed on solid (powders, granules, masses), liquid or gaseous samples.

FILAB uses imaging techniques such as optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to perform this analysis. These methods can also provide information on the thickness of the layers present.

The FILAB laboratory analyzes the morphological defects of your materials using state-of-the-art tools

With its dual expertise in chemistry and materials, the FILAB laboratory offers you morphological defect analysis services to qualitatively assess the surfaces of your materials.

With its experience in morphological characterisation of materials and in engineering, the FILAB laboratory accompanies you in the framework of advanced studies and investigations in many contexts:

Our technical means for morphology defect analysis

For morphological defect analysis of a sample, FILAB uses imaging techniques, such as optical microscopy or scanning electron microscopy (2 SEMs in our premises).

défaut morphologique

SEM-EDX for the study of the morphology of materials

The positive aspects of FILAB

  • A highly qualified team

  • Responsiveness in responding to and processing requests

  • A complete analytical park of 2100m²

  • Tailor-made support

Thomas GAUTIER Head of Materials Department
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