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Aging prematurely: this is the objective of accelerated aging tests! Indeed, although it is possible to appreciate the natural aging of a product, accelerated aging tests make it possible to quickly simulate the evolution of a product by conditioning it in a specific environment and/or by subjecting it to particular constraints. Thus, there is no need to wait several weeks, months or years to observe the aging of a product.

Accelerated ageing tests allow to obtain equivalent results sometimes after only a few hours, which is a considerable advantage, especially for reducing the time needed for innovation projects. From an industrial point of view, these tests also allow to know the life expectancy of a product, to check a conformity with a specification but also to improve the robustness and the reliability of a material.

Grouped under the term accelerated ageing tests, we can mention in particular climatic conditioning tests (salt spray, humid heat, thermal shock, UV resistance, …), mechanical fatigue tests (traction, compression, alternate torsion, bending, …) and corrosion tests (synthetic sweat, thioacetamide, …). With significant experience in performing this type of test, FILAB can assist you in implementing accelerated aging of your products. 

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