Laboratory analysis and characterization of silicones

What do we mean by silicones ?

Silicones are polymers structured around a siloxane bond and make up a wide variety of materials. Their consistency does vary, they can be liquids, hard plastics, gels or even rubber. They can be found almost everywhere in our daily lives as mastics, glues, joints, anti-foaming agents in detergent powders, cosmetics, medical equipment, insulating sleeves, electrical cables.

How can FILAB assist you in characterizing your silicone-based samples ?

FILAB laboratory uses many material characterization techniques which rely on different physicochemical principles. FILAB provides the following services :

  • Chemical composition analysis of silicone
  • Study of the thermal properties of silicone using DSC and TGA
  • Detection of impurities in oils or silicone fluids
  • Determination of the silicone and siloxane contents in industrial matrices
  • Failure analysis of silicone : odor problems, discoloration, pollution, degradation…  

Notre parc analytique dédié à l'analyse de silicones

  • Organic chemical analyses : GC-MS, Py-GC-MS, LC-MS/MS, GPC, NMR, FTIR
  • Inorganic chemical analyses : ICP, XRD, IC
  • Thermal analyses : TGA, DSC, Py-GC-MS, ATG-FTIR
  • Powder analyses : XRD, SEM-FEG-EDX, BET, Laser Granulometry
  • Surface analyses : SEM-FEG-EDX, XPS, ToF-SIMS 
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