Laboratory for the analysis and determination of ethylene glycol

Your needs: analyze and measure ethylene glycol in your sterilization processes

Ethylene glycol, or ethane-1,2-diol, is a viscous, colorless liquid belonging to the glycol family. It is used, for example, for the sterilization of medical and surgical equipment or in disinfection processes in the cosmetics and textile industries, or as an anti-freeze in automotive coolants.

Ethylene glycol is classified as a toxic product for humans. It is therefore necessary for industries using this chemical to have controls to check whether ethylene glycol residues are present in their finished products.

In the medical sector, for example, the international standard ISO 10993-7* of December 2008 specifies the admissible limits of ethylene oxide residues (precursor of ethylene glycol), for finished medical devices.

Our solutions: assess the compliance of your products with our ethylene glycol analysis services

Thanks to its 2,100m² analytical facilities, FILAB offers analysis and determination services for ethylene glycol in your raw materials or finished products to ensure their compliance and to meet the regulatory challenges related to ethylene glycol and other preservatives.

Based on its experience in the field of trace organic substance analysis, FILAB has developed specific methods for the determination of ethylene glycol or its derivatives by exhaustive extraction in order to recover all residues. The assay is performed by HS/GCMS (Headspace Injection followed by Gas Chromatography coupled to a Mass Spectrometer). *

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