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What is FIB SEM analysis ?

FIB SEM is an advanced technique combining a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with a focused ion beam (FIB, for Focused Ion Beam). This technology is used to analyze, image and modify materials at micro and nano scales. Here’s how each component contributes to the instrument’s functionality:

FIB: uses an ion beam to remove material from the surface of samples and create cross-sections in the sample.
SEM: provides detailed images of a material's surface using an electron beam (topography, composition of crystalline structure).

Why perform FIB SEM analysis ?

FIB SEM (Focused Ion Beam coupled to Scanning Electron Microscopy) analysis is beneficial, not least because of its accuracy, versatility and ability to provide detailed information on material structure and composition. Here are some of the main reasons why this technique is used

What are the advantages of FIB SEM analysis ?

FIB SEM is an essential analytical technique for characterizing materials. It provides crucial information on their chemical composition and helps identify the causes of material failure. It has wide applications in sectors ranging from materials science and electronics to medicine, where it is used to create miniaturized medical devices.

The most notable aspect of FIB SEM is its ability to modify and prototype nanoscale structures, which is crucial for the development and repair of miniaturized electronic circuits and components. This technique involves the removal of material, yet its extreme precision ensures that damage to the rest of the sample is minimized, making it a relatively non-destructive method. In short, FIB SEM analysis is a pillar in the quest for understanding, innovation and quality assurance in many industrial fields.

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