Analytical development for the chemical industry and surface treatment

Allowing to modify the physical and chemical surface properties, the surface treatments confer to the materials an aspect and particular characteristics.

Depending on the nature of the surface treatment but also that of the substrate which will receive this coating, the various processes of obtaining differ by the technique to be used. We can distinguish in particular :

  • Surface treatments obtained by wet process: electrolytic deposit, chemical deposit, deposit by immersion in a molten metal, …
  • Surface treatments obtained by dry process : spraying, reloading, chemical vapor deposition CVD, physical vapor deposition PVD, …
  • Surface treatments obtained by conversion : anodic oxidation, phosphating, sulfurization, …

In all cases, a high degree of surface preparation is necessary in order to obtain the expected properties of the surface treatment in an optimal way.

In the case of electroplating, the prepared parts are then immersed in baths which, by applying an electric current, produce a metallic deposit on their surfaces. The quality of the deposit thus obtained depends in particular on the chemical composition of the bath, which requires continuous monitoring of its evolution in order to ensure the control of the surface treatment process. These controls and tests require the development of specific analytical methods validated according to adapted references (AFNOR, ICH, VICH…).

To develop a specific analytical method, FILAB mobilizes the skills of its best specialists.

Our analytical research and development laboratory takes charge of all the different stages in the development of an analytical method:

  • Bibliographic study, definition of the methodology
  • Choice of the technique and the analytical method
  • Feasibility study
  • Isolation of the analyte
  • Purification
  • Development of the analytical method
  • Verification of parameters
  • Analytical optimization
  • Analytical validation
  • Implementation of a dedicated procedure

Then, depending on your needs, FILAB can also offer you the analytical validation of your method.

As a training organization, FILAB can assist you in the transfer of an analytical method within your laboratory through customized training services. The objective: to provide you with a robust turnkey analytical method!

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