Analysis and determination of propanol in the laboratory

You want to measure propanol in your samples...

The term propanol is the name of two alcohols:

  • Propan-1-ol or n-propanol or propyl alcohol, an isomer sometimes called “propanol”, with the semi-developed formula CH3CH2CH2. It is used as a solvent (for vegetable oils, natural gums, resins, waxes…), as a degreasing agent or as a synthesis intermediate.
  • The propan-2-ol or isopropyl alcohol, of semi-developed formula (CH3)2. It is used as a solvent for paints, varnishes, inks, strippers, adhesives; as a cleaning solvent in the electronic industry; as a solvent in the food and pharmaceutical industries for the extraction and purification of natural products (oils, gums, waxes, perfumes, vitamins, proteins …)

FILAB laboratory assists you in the analysis of propanol using internal methods

CAS No.: propan-1-ol (71-23-8); propan-2-ol (67-63-0)

FILAB offers competitive turnaround times and in-house methods for the determination of propanol in your samples. 

Some examples of services provided by FILAB related to propanol analysis: 

  • Quantification of propanol on the surface of a metal part by GC-MS or HS-GCMS
  • Quantification of isopropanol by GC-MS
  • Quantification of chloropropanols
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