Analysis and determination of xylenes in the laboratory

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Xylene, also known as dimethylbenzene or xylol, is an aromatic hydrocarbon derived from benzene.

It is a colourless, volatile, flammable liquid that emits an unpleasant odour at room temperature.

Xylene has three isomeric structures:

  • 1,2 – dimethylbenzene, also known as orthodimethylbenzene (o-xylene) ;
    1,3 – dimethylbenzene, also known as metadimethylbenzene (m-xylene);
    1,4 – dimethylbenzene or paradimethylbenzene (p-xylene).

The proportions of the different isomers – and of other constituents such as ethylbenzene – depend on the origin of the product, whether it is obtained by catalytic reforming or cracking, for example.

Xylene can be used in the following products :

  • Varnish solvent
  • Paints
  • In printing
  • Rubber manufacture
  • Leather
  • Cleaning
  • Plant protection products
  • Raw materials for the plastics industry
  • Additives for certain fuels

FILAB can help you analyse and measure xylenes using in-house methods

Equipped with a wide range of recent analytical equipment, the FILAB analysis laboratory offers you tailor-made support for xylene monitoring and analysis.

Some examples of services provided by FILAB :

  • Determination of residual xylene
  • Comparative analysis of xylene mixtures by GC-MS
  • Development and validation of customised methods for the determination of xylenes in a matrix
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