Food industry: determination of ethylene oxide in the laboratory

Your needs: identify the presence of ethylene oxide in your food matrices

What is ethylene oxide?

Ethylene oxide is a molecule which, in its gaseous form, is classified as a carcinogenic substance after regular consumption. Its content in food products is therefore limited and regulated.

It is therefore necessary to control the risk of ethylene oxide in your ingredients such as sesame seeds, flours, breads, specials, spices or ready meals.

Our solutions: ethylene oxide determination by HS-GCMS or GCMS

Analysis techniques

The FILAB laboratory has developed specific methods for the determination of ethylene oxide by exhaustive extraction in order to recover the residues present in the extract. Indeed, the analysis of ethylene oxide is generally done by HS-GCMS, i.e. by gas chromatography coupled with a HeadSpace detector capable of integrating highly volatile organic elements. Here are the explanations of the HS-GCMS technique which is perfectly adapted to the analysis of ethylene oxide in food matrices:

Why FILAB for analysis?

FILAB laboratory offers you a tailor-made support not only for the determination of ethylene oxide in your food matrices but also in the search for alternative substances to this carcinogenic molecule. Our highly qualified experts and our 2100m² analytical park allow us to offer you reliable results, in a short time and at very competitive prices.

The positive aspects of FILAB

  • A highly qualified team

  • Responsiveness in responding to and processing requests

  • A complete analytical park of 2100m²

  • Tailor-made support

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