Analysis and diagnostic of industrial oils, grease or lubricants

Your needs : to ensure the protection and efficiency of your machines with the use of high-performance oils, grease and lubricants

The assessment of lubricated and greased mechanisms is an essential step when maintaining your equipment. This process makes it possible to detect any contaminations (unknown particulates, exterior pollution), wear or leakage problems which would impact the reliability of your machines.

Complete and regular diagnostics of industrial oils and lubricants used in your production processes will allow you to :

  • Better anticipate equipment renewals
  • Avoid the risk of malfunctions
  • Improve the performance and lifespan of your machines
  • Optimize maintenance costs
  • Improve the safety of employees and equipment

Whether it be for production equipment, transportation, farming equipment… you are looking to anticipate, diagnose or correct a defect found on one of your industrial machines. This defect can be corrected with the use of industrial fluids best suited to your processes.

Our solution : to assess the quality of your industrial oils, grease and lubricants through tailored physicochemical analysis

Equipped with an analytical fleet spread over 2100m², FILAB laboratory is able to assist industrialists from all fields in optimizing their maintenance processes through analysis and inspections (oils, grease, lubricants).

As an independent laboratory made up of a team of 70 people, FILAB is able to provide the following services :

  • Audit and on-site sampling
  • Analysis of the chemical composition of an industrial oil
  • Determination of each compound
  • Surface analysis by SEM or Optical Microscopy
  • Viscosity measurement of an industrial oil
  • FTIR absorption spectroscopy

Promising a quick turnaround for your requests, FILAB provides tailored analytical services to solve your industrial problems. If you are looking to know more about our analysis of oils, grease and lubricants, feel free to contact us via email at

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