Environmental analysis

Filab carries out your environmental analysis:


  • In-situ sampling and measurements (automatic, spot, piezometers, etc.)
  • Ultra pure water analysis
  • Sludge analysis
  • Air analysis
  • Analysis of MWIP products (ash, bottom ash, etc.)
  • Physico-chemical analysis (pH, SS, COD, BOD5,...)
  • Landfill classification pack (Order of 20 October 2010)

  • Water analysis (waste, clean, drinking, mixing)
  • Chemical analysis of soils

  • Dust analysis
  • Waste analysis
  • Quantification of pollutants (VOCs, PAHs/PCBs, BTEX, pesticides, HCT, etc.)

  • Determination of heavy metals

  • ESRD study (analyses, initial monitoring report and support for ongoing monitoring)

Our services

  • Diagnosis of polluted soils
  • Regulatory advice (compliance with prefectoral decrees, discharge agreements, ICPE, etc.)
  • Research into the causes of pollution
  • Implementation of periodic control plans
Caroline KURZAWA
Caroline KURZAWA R&D Project Engineer
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