Particulates : analysis and size measurements in a laboratory

Your needs : to measure the size of your particles in a quality control setting

Particulates are aggregations of matter found in air. A particulate can be natural (volcanic eruptions…) or synthetic in origin, tied to human activity (dust or smoke). Particulates can be emitted by automobiles, mining operations, household heating systems, etc. 

Particulates are the primary constituents of powders and various other substances. Identifying their size is therefore a key step of production processes in the same way as their shape and surface area.

Contrary to dusts with a greater diameter, fine particulates (smaller than 1 micron) can seep more easily into other matter and can be toxic to humans. Particulate size measurements are crucial to ensuring the effectiveness of your product as well as in ensuring that they comply with quality control standards.

Our solution : to provide you with our expertise to measure the size of your particulates in accordance with relevant standards

Equipped with a cutting-edge analytical fleet and being made up of a team of experts in particulate analysis, FILAB laboratory has been assisting industrialists for over 30 years in solving their problems linked to the presence of particulates. FILAB is able to provide a wide range of services :

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