Surface functionalization of materials in the laboratory

Your needs: optimize the surface properties of your materials

Surface functionalization refers to the optimization or addition of properties to the surface of a material in order to improve its performance or to give it new functionalities (adhesion, mechanical bonding, etc.).

Surface functionalization can be applied by different means:

– By the use of a coating (films)

– By chemical reactivity (grafting of molecules with specific properties)

– By nanostructuring

The objective of this technique is to make the material as compatible as possible with its future environment and application. Also, the complexity of the study lies in the uniqueness of the material-environment couples.

Surface functionalization is used on several types of materials: polymers, metals, glasses, ceramics…

The performance and durability of products are conditioned by the control of surface functionalization processes. This requires knowledge, know-how and precise analysis tools that an external laboratory can provide.

Our solutions: characterize the surface performance of a product in its environment

The FILAB laboratory, with its expertise in materials science, assists manufacturers in all sectors in setting up surface functionalization processes that are best suited to their products.

By carrying out tailor-made tests according to the application of the product and the problems encountered, FILAB provides the following services

– Surface characterization to evaluate a failure, measure a coating, check the homogeneity of treatments…

– Chemical and crystallographic characterization of coatings to verify compliance with specifications.

– Study of the compatibility of materials with their environment

– Checking the effectiveness of a treatment by surface functionalization

– Support in the choice of materials

FILAB has a 2,100m² analytical park with state-of-the-art tools such as a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM-FEG EDX) for surface studies and several ICP AES or CI for the analysis of the composition of treatments.

FILAB has significant experience in the implementation of these expertises as well as in the management of these high-stakes projects. FILAB will support you in your expertises associated with the medical device sector.

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