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Your needs: check the conformity of your PMUC products by a competent EDF approved laboratory

PMUCs are products and materials used in electric, nuclear or thermal power plants. They are used during maintenance, manufacturing, operation and upkeep of a nuclear power plant.

Following the EDF Quality approach governed by the decree of August 10, 1984, obligations in the management of nuclear power plants have been announced.

Indeed, the PMUC can have an aggressive character initiating several forms of corrosion of the metal alloys used in the power plant.

Moreover, the PMUC can represent an important potential source of halogens and sulfur. For this reason, they are subject to specifications aimed at limiting their content of harmful chemical elements.

Thus, in order to ensure their compliance and the safety of all, regular controls of PMUC are essential.

Therefore, in order to be authorized to be put on the market, PMUC products must be approved by EDF, after analysis have been carried out in an EDF approved laboratory for PMUC.

registration PMUC products

Are you looking for a laboratory with EDF approval for your PMUC analysis?

For many years, FILAB laboratory has been approved by EDF to perform PMUC analysis for its customers.

If you would like a copy of our approval, or for any PMUC analysis needs, do not hesitate to contact us via contact@filab.fr

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