Laboratory analysis and inspections of chemical baths

Your needs : to monitor the quality of your baths following a failure in your process or as part of a need for optimization

A chemical bath is a process which consists in dipping various parts, often metallic parts, into a heated alkaline or non-chlorinated acid bath (depending on the trace element needing to be eliminated).

Used to treat surfaces or to clean parts, the performance of chemical baths is directly linked to their quality (chemical composition, contaminations or deposits, chemical reactions, compatibility with materials…).

Regular inspection of chemical baths at different stages of use is necessary to optimize the quality of your materials and surface treatments.

Our solution : to provide you with our expertise and the technical means to inspect your chemical baths

Whatever application your baths are being used for (ex. cleaning, surface treatment…), FILAB laboratory is able to provide its expertise and cutting-edge analytical fleet to assist you in monitoring your chemical baths.

FILAB laboratory is able to provide the following services :

  • Detection of contaminants in chemical baths
  • Identification of deposits or impurities in chemical baths
  • Chemical composition analysis of new or used baths
  • Bath stability testing
  • Determination of acid and metal content in baths
  • Particulate analysis
  • Analysis carried out using ICP-MS, ICP-AES, GC-MS, IC, HPLC…
Thomas GAUTIER Head of Materials Department
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